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This week The Stinger Report takes a look at how the smoking ban in the UK is affecting the industry…… 

“Chaos and destruction were predicted for the British brewery and hospitality industry with the UK’s adoption of a Smoking Ban in public spaces. If this grim prediction were accurate, its impact should have been felt by now. The Stinger looks at the reality of this move and its effect on the Out-of-Home interactive entertainment industry. In some locations, unexpected hygiene conditions have been exposed, thanks to the removal of smoke clouds that previously masked unpleasant aromas! On the other hand, tavern patrons are surviving all weather conditions to continue smoking outdoors. Surprisingly, cigarette vending revenue is up – but it is unknown if amusement gaming has really been impacted. Meanwhile, the UK Bingo industry claims doom and gloom no matter the reality of the smoking ban impact. All this is surrounded by the creation of a new social group of excluded smokers and the creation of a new audience for entertainment to target.”

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  1. Roderick August 25, 2007 at 1:41 pm - Reply

    For our business the smoking ban has been a wonderful opportunity. Sales are going through the roof and every month is better than the last. Toque snuff can be used anywhere smoking is banned and smokers are now being told by the scientific community that snuff is 99 times safer than smoking. You can read all the medical evidence at

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