BeatmaniaIIDX15 DJ Troopers Dated

Twisted Supreme August 29, 2007 0

The only time I ever see these machines are at shows, and even then I won’t dare play them because I end up looking completely useless next to the pro players that they always have on the Konami stands. Anyway, it’s good to hear there’s another Beatmania on the way, I can definately appreciate the joy of these games, what with my addiction to Guitar Hero!

[via Arcade Renaissance]

“Currently making the rounds with location tests across Japan and Europe, BeatmaniaIIDX15 DJ Troopers has finally been given a scheduled sale date by Konami. The latest game in the BeatmaniaIIDX series is set to be available at arcades starting in December. Konami intends on showing the game off again at the JAMMA Amusement Show based on initial reports, so we should be able to get another look at the rhythm title then. A series of YouTube! videos of the most recent location test was posted by user landolakes. One of them is posted below for convenience. Be sure to check out YouTube! if you are interested in viewing any of the others.”

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