Signature Devices Signs announces completion of new coin-op title, no details given

Shaggy September 12, 2007 0


Well that was quick. On July 31st we ran a press release about a company called Signature Devices signing on with GlobalVR to produce a new arcade title. No details were given about the game at the time but we at least knew that something was in the works. According to a new press release that just came to the wire, Signature Devices has completed that game, but unfortunately we still don’t know any details about what it is. In taking a quick look at their site, there is nothing to indicate what it may be – their portfolio says that they’ve worked on FarCry, Medal of Honor (PC) and Samurai Showdown V for the Xbox, as well as something called ISO International Spy Organizations for the PC. Their subsidiary, Graffiti Entertainment also is mum about this new game, whatever it happens to be but it also isn’t clear if they are the ones who have developed it or not.

I assume that they will wait for GlobalVR to say something about it first and until they do we will just have to wait. The only thing I can guess at is the arcade version of Blazing Angels that was announced sometime ago but as we have seen with arcade companies, they usually are quiet about their games until they are ready to test or ship out to arcades. That certainly doesn’t help much when it comes to hype and getting the word out beforehand, but either way we look forward to hearing more.

[Press release – Signatures Devices Inc. announces  the completion of another arcade game]

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