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Twisted Supreme September 16, 2007 0

‘Outcome of – Stinger Uber Crystal Ball for JAMMA show’

Well, the smoke is settling on the last day of the 45th Amusement Machine
Show in Japan, and its time to see how good those predictions made back in
August where?
The reality against the speculation and rumour:

‘what WAS at JAMMA’

Virtua Fighter 5 EVOLUTION (Sega) Fighter Rumor
REALITY – Sega decided to show ‘Virtua Fighter 5 Version C’ – and stood
fast against any promises of a VF5E or VF6 (as has been rumored for 2008)

Sengoku Basara X (Taito) Fighter On test
REALITY – Yep, was the big (and only video) launch of the Capcom booth

The King of Fighters XII (Taito) Fighter On test

Samurai Spirits Sen (Taito) Fighter Rumor

Oriental Legend 2 (IGS) Brawler On test
REALITY – Yep, also shown on the Taito booth

New Gungame (Namco) Shooter Rumor

Guitarfreaks V4 & DrumMania V4 Rock x Rock (Konami) Music On test
REALITY – Interesting rumor this as it showed the guy’s who gave it are
unaware that Konami NEVER exhibits at JAMMA?

Taiko no Tatsujin 10 (Namco) Music On test

DDR Supernova 2 (Konami) Music On test
REALITY – Konami NEVER exhibits at JAMMA?

War of Grail (Capcom) Brawler Rumor
REALITY – No Show, and a major dissapointment that this game has been canned

D1GP Grand Prix (Taito) Driver On test
REALITY – Yep, big launch at JAMMA

Super Hang-On 2 (Sega) Driver Rumor
REALITY – Sources claim that new launch ‘RaceTV’ was code named SHO2 in

Sega Rally 3 (Sega) Driver Rumor
REALITY – No show, and is expected to be a fake rumor

Baseball Heroes 3 (Konam) Sports On test
REALITY – Konami NEVER exhibits at JAMMA?

Silent Hill: The Arcade (Konami) Shooter On test
REALITY – Konami NEVER exhibits at JAMMA?

Zombie Shooter (Taito) Shooter Rumor
REALITY – Taito executives confirmed a shooter in the works, but no plans
to publicly show at this years JAMMA

Results – 12 wrong out of 4 and a half right!!! Not a great average, but a
example of the difficulties of trying to second guess the amusement
industry in Japan. That said, this years show was a great success with
some real surprises on the show floor and some good fan videos. The
Stinger has a mountain of rumors and gossip to run, and will try and pass
on some of the hotter pieces to Arcade Heroes.

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