Big Buck Hunter Pro Online Debuting next week at AMOA 2007

Shaggy September 20, 2007 0

We first heard about the next version of the popular series Big Buck Hunter on G4TVhmbgbck2.gif when they interviewed Play Mechanix, the developers of the game and now it is finally headed to the street. Big Buck Hunter Pro Online will allow players to compete in local or national tournaments via the internet, create their own hunting parties with friends online, track their stats through the Trophy Club and experience 20% more content of caribou. The online system they are using will be known as “Coin-Up”, which uploads player rankings to

It’s good to see arcades getting into more online leaderboards – while this isn’t the first game to try such a thing, it certainly is a welcome feature that more games should use. Not only that but the online play is also something that should be used more often. Expect to see the latest version of BBHP in an arcade near you soon.

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  1. RON WELLS December 12, 2007 at 7:32 am - Reply

    I play Big Buck Hunter Pro in about ten places. And all them are have Problems with reloading.I have to double pump some times!! I’ve called the compinees that put the machenes in. They don,t seem to know how to fix the problem. Some of them put new guns on the games. But that didn’t allways work!! And I would like to play on line but nobody in my city has it set up. Can you help me??

  2. Shaggy December 13, 2007 at 2:43 am - Reply

    The only way you’ll get it online is if one of the places that has it upgrades to the Online version. I’m not sure about the availability on this one just yet or how much it would cost to buy it. But once the online version is available it should be cool. Sorry I can’t help you more than that but I would call a local distributor and see if they have them in yet or know of when they’ll be coming in. If it’s soon, you can bet that a local arcade or bar will be picking up the online version soon.

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