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Twisted Supreme October 1, 2007 1

Received a DVD today with a promo video and an independent video of the corporate hospitality available at the late Segaworld Trocadero, from our contact at Sega Amusements Europe, Justin Burke. These video are absolutely golden. It scares me how a video 10 years old looks so cheesy already. My favourite bit is the Sonic that looks like it’s had it’s DNA mixed with Desperate Dan from the Beano. Also there’s an appearance from a member from the royal family, can you spot it? Enjoy!

Promo Video

Independent Video Part 1

Independent Video Part 2

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  1. Tahir October 1, 2007 at 11:21 pm - Reply

    I miss Segaworld. I remember when it first opened and you just paid a one off fee to get in and all the arcades were free to play… but that did not last long. Its a sad site now seeing all the closed down floors when going to Trocadero

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