Joystiq Podcast Talks Arcades! (not for long though)

Twisted Supreme October 5, 2007 0


It may seem little sad & depressing that I’m posting about this, but it’s not very often video game podcasts talk about the arcades, other than that they think they are dying.

Anyways, I was listening to the Joystiq podcast, who were looking back at thier week at TGS and they mention they made a visit to Joyopolis. Mainly what they spent most of thier time talking about were the HOTD & LGJ Special Attractions, and thier opinions were split. One of the podcasters loved LGJ, the other felt like he was a bit stupid queuing and hour to play a arcade game that “spins around and has an extra screen”. Each to thier own I guess. All I’m going to take from it is if a non-arcade gamer loves LGJ Special Attraction, then I’m REALLY GOING LOVE IT!

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