Sea Wolf returns to arcades – as a redemption title

Shaggy October 25, 2007 1

Probably not many people remember Sea Wolf – an arcade title by Midway from 1976 that put players in the position of a submarine launching torpedoes at ships through a periscope control. A more advanced sequel to the game was released in 1978. Now whileseawolfbrochure.jpg I don’t keep up on all the redemption news that’s out there (personally I enjoy skill based games more that reward you immediately as opposed to ticket games) this is interesting as a company known as Coastal Amusements has announced a new version of Sea Wolf for arcades that appears to come a video game with the redemption concept. It uses 3D animation, stereo sound and rumble in the seat. Until we see it in action it’s hard to say how it may play as a game but it’s good to see an old classic getting some recognition again.

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  1. Mohamed Hashem October 18, 2011 at 4:51 am - Reply

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