Raw Thrills announces a rebate for The Fast and Furious Drift, dedicates $25 mil. to new arcade games

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Raw Thrills just announced that the 3500th unit of The Fast and Furious Drift came off the line and to celebrate they are offering an instant rebate for operators who purchased the game for $500 off per game. The promotion goes from Nov. 5th to the 30th and can be received from any Raw Thrills distributor.

It’s also interesting to quote industry legend (and Raw Thrills’ founder) Eugene Jarvis. I’ll bold a few of the interesting statements he made:

“Drift continues to earn well and top all the player and operator charts as the #1 Driving game in the industry and we at Raw Thrills could not be more satisfied by how this product has been received by our customers. I think we made a powerful statement when we held the price the same for Drift as the original Fast & Furious that was released almost 3 years earlier. We would like to make another strong statement now to express our gratitude for all the support shown to date with this $500 Instant Rebate. Raw Thrills is committed to the coin-op amusement business and we’re working hard to develop exciting new products that you will see over the next few years. In fact, we will invest over $25 million for research and development of new Raw Thrills/PlayMechanix products over the next 5 years. We know, as you do, that the cash box is king and, therefore, Raw Thrills will continue to strive to develop great games that earn consistently with longevity. Thank you again for all the support!”

The racing circuit certainly is heating up between F&F Drift, NASCAR, Sega’s Race TV, Initial D4 and MaxiTune 3. But I find it interesting at the amount of cash they are investing into new games – they obviously have several new games in the pipeline, which is something I have been wondering about as they have been relatively quiet as far as new games go. Also Jarvis understands the attraction of a decent price point. Either way, the next few years in the arcade industry are going to be a lot of fun.

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