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For those of you out there who want a bit of arcade action in your home but don’t have dosh to live the dream. Then head over to Eurogamer as they are running a competition, in conjunction with Gremlin, where you can win this super fabulous Voyager Cabinet. All of this is to celebrate Eurogamer’s new dedicated coverage on the retro gaming scene, of which two articles have already been posted about retro arcade gaming. One piece covers the classic retro arcade games and the other is a look back at Coin-Op in it’s heyday.

[via Eurogamer]

We bet if you tried to think of two things your parents wouldn’t let you have when you were younger you’d come up with an arcade machine and a gremlin. They were too big and expensive or weren’t real – red herrings you couldn’t argue against with an incomplete brain. But now we’ve picked the wool out of our eyes we can see it was all a charade and our anger is palpable.

But slow down there, the wonderfully named Gremlin Solutions has got a, er, solution. It’s going to team up with our freshly launched retro channel on Eurogamer to give away none other than a fully-grown Voyager Arcade Machine worth over a thousand pounds! Not only does it look the business, it plays some of the world’s most famous videogames too.

It has all sorts of titles you will remember from yesteryear, and you can even request oldies to be converted if they aren’t already there. Make sure you fill your retro-mug with the entire list and other information on Gremlin’s website, as well as fill-up on all sorts of other facts like tips on how to keep your machine clean and presentable without electrocuting yourself.

Finally your childhood yearnings can be sated. All you have to do win is pop your shell-suit on and answer our easy question below. Good luck.

Q: How heavy is the Voyager cab?

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