Pictures from the Sega Private Fall Show 2007

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(Click on any image to enlarge, pictures via Dengeki Online)

For as private as this is supposed to be, with the internet nothing is hidden really but that is good for us so we can catch a glimpse of the Sega Private Fall Show 2007 in Japan. Dengeki Online has a number of pictures of the event today so let’s take a look at what was offered:

Derby Owners Club 2008 – slated for Q1 2008

seg001.jpg sderb1.jpg sderb2.jpg sderb3.jpg sderb4.jpg

Sanguozhi War 3

swar1.jpg swar2.jpg

MJ4 (Networked Mahjong) – Slated for February 2008

seg002.jpg smj411.jpg smj42.jpg smj431.jpg smj44.jpg

Sega Network Gaming Club – slated for February 2008

seganet1.jpg seganet2.jpg seganet3.jpg seganet4.jpg

UNO – slated for April 2008

uno11.jpg uno2.jpg uno3.jpg uno4.jpg

[Via The Stinger Report and Dengeki Online] [Discuss on the Forum]

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