American Alpha to introduce two new games at IAAPA 2007

Shaggy November 12, 2007 0

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American Alpha (also known as IGS based out of Taiwan) will be releasing two new games here shortly and they will be available to play at the IAAPA 2007 show. Bogo-go-cabinet.jpgth games will use a trackball as the primary controller; One title seeks to recreate what sounds like a modern version of Midway’s Tapper and is called Serve ‘Em Up with players sliding the mug down the bar to the thirsty constituents (there are no pictures of the game but it sounds like it is similar to bowling and may run from a first person perspective; if so it may be the first FPMS game – First Person Mug Sliding!); the second game seeks to capitalize on the recent trend of bowling games such as Rockin’ Bowl O’ Rama by Namco and Silver Strike Bowling (one of Twisted’s favorite games) by IT. Known as Go Go Strike, it uses the trackball in similar way to the aforementioned bowling titles and like most of American Alpha’s games can be used for ticket payout.

Hit the break to find out more about a new fighter from American Alpha that while it was not part of this announcement but appears to be fairly new and could be making it’s way to an arcade near you and it isn’t Oriental Legend 2 that we have discussed before. There also is a video of another AA game I’d like to see past the break as well so get clicking!

In looking at the American Alpha website, in fact right beneath Go Go Strike is a title that I have seen on AA’s Taiwan page but didn’t expect to see it overseas; a one-on-one fighting game known as Fearless Pinocchio. They also have a paper/rock/scissors game featuring the same character in the game above called Fist Talks. Both games can be set up as redemption titles or as a video game only. Fearless Pinocchio uses an interestingfp-cabinet.jpg design where there is only one attack button available which may discourage players that are into more advanced fighters such as Tekken but may attract those that are always daunted by a complex control scheme. Pinocchio is also designed as a ‘cute’ game with simple and quick gameplay and only features one player battles. It certainly can be seen where this would make an interesting feature for a redemption title.

[See more about Fearless Pinocchio]

What I would like to know now is where are some of IGS/American Alpha’s titles that would be good for the hardcore crowd such as Oriental Legend 2, Demon Front or The Gladiator? I’m not meaning to downplay their cute redemption titles as there certainly is a market for those although some of us would quite enjoy seeing a 2D brawler like OL2 in arcades.

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