Location Review: Voyager Entertainment – Stansted Airport

Twisted Supreme November 26, 2007 0


Now it’s always a bonus when you come across an arcade at the airport. Firstly it’s a great way to kill time and secondly stops me drinking too much at the airport bar and getting to drunk to get on a plane! So it great when I came across this arcade at Stansted Airport, a few weeks ago, when I was flying out to Italy.

Well it would have been if some of the machines were actually functioning properly. The first port of call for my friend and I was Virtua Tennis 2. Unfortunately my normal shot button wouldn’t work so I was left playing with slice shots, suffice to say I lost. Next up was Crazy Taxi which played fine, until you stopped to pick up a passenger and then accelerate the car would not move?! Other games at the arcade that did actually work were; Star Wars: Pod Racer, Battle Gear 3, ATV, Le Mans 24 and Virtua Striker 3. Also on offer were the usual fruit machines, air hockey, a pusher and a crane.

Too be fair, all in all, the arcade was pretty good. It was just a shame that two of my favourite games were suffering from a lack of TLC. But you have to admit it is a bit cheeky that these machines are left to be played in a poor working order. It’s not like you can get your money back either because there’s never an attendant about at these type of locations. (Excuse my negativity, it is Monday morning after all!)

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