CP Pinball – keeping pinball alive in St. Louis

Shaggy December 14, 2007 0


While finding arcades in some areas might be difficult for some (depending on your location), try finding an arcade dedicated more to pinball than video games. Now that’s an arduous task. I know of one in California and now I have found out about one in St. Louis called CP Pinball. Launched by a pinball enthusiast Chuck Sanderson, he took his hobby of collecting pins and turned it into a business. Currently there are 32 pins at the location, including some pinball greats like Medieval Madness and Indiana Jones. He also has a Buck Hunter and a MAME cabinet. Here’s how CP Pinball typically works:

In a former woodworking shop that he bought out of foreclosure, Sanderson has created the kind of pinball playground that he and his buddies have in their homes. He collects a $10 admission with apologies and immediately points to a refrigerator that’s stocked with cans of soda and Bud Light. The games, most from his own collection, are set for unlimited play. Sanderson runs his own business in Wood River and says he’d be happy just to break even on the arcade.

Visit CPPinball.com to learn more – it’s a ‘by appointment only’ place but if you live in the area and love pinball it sounds like it’s worth checking out.

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