An unexpected surprise in Sunday's paper

Shaggy December 18, 2007 0


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While I don’t bother getting a newspaper at home (I have the internet so not much of a need) my parents do and when I stopped by their home as I usually do on Sunday’s, they showed me something in the Sunday ads that took me by surprise. It was a flyer from my local arcade distributor, Mountain Coin-Op. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything arcade related displayed like this so it was cool to see them doing a little advertising. The only arcade in my area that seems to do any advertising by means like this is Chuck E. Cheeses but they only mention tokens, they don’t mention arcade games or even display pictures of them. While this isn’t the best ad you’ll ever see for something arcade related, at the very least it’s getting some exposure of an arcade company where people might go in looking for something to put in the game room and they will notice a lot of new arcade and pinball games on the show room floor.

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