Pics from the UK Park Avenue Open Day event

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Kevin Williams at the Stiger Report has sent us some pics he took from the UK Park Avenue Open Day distributor event and with it we get to take a look at a couple new games coming to Europe. First off and most surprising is Taito’s Hopping Road, a quirky game controlled with a pogo stick that had been seen previously in Japan. Other titles seen at the show include Taito’s D1GP racer, Raw Thrills/Konami’s Guitar Hero and Konami’s DDRX, Sega’s Pigs Might Fly, GlobalVR’s Blazing Angels and Need For Speed Carbon, Namco’s Nirin, the Game Gate VU and more. Click on the thumbnails below to see these games in more detail.

banfs d1gp ddrx electrocoin gha hroad1 hroad2 hroad3 hroad4 marathonrunner nirin pigandgg starball starball2

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  1. bacon June 15, 2009 at 9:46 am - Reply

    disappointing thing about the DDR X cabinet is that its the newly redesigned cabinet by Betson which is a cheaply constructed design to resemble Konami’s DDR X cabinets.

    multiple locations in the US have all received these machines and reports from everyone has said how insensitive the arrows have been. also there is some hefty lag that hasn’t been fixed.

    i think a lot of those in europe were hoping to receive the Konami manufactured cabinets, but from the picture of the machine taken at this event its clear that they are getting the same cabinets as the US.

  2. arcads4ever June 15, 2009 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    I’m glad hopping road is coming to europe. it looks so fun but at the same time a bit too cute,not that I have a problem with that but because how other people might take to it who are not appeciating of japanese pop culture/anime.


    if thats true can you throw balls at your hdtv screen?
    can you buy hoping road for say PS3,wii which won’t be as good?
    need I say more cuz I can go on if you want me too LOL

  3. arcads4ever June 15, 2009 at 11:05 pm - Reply

    that marathon runner looks quite fun, I’m getting some influence from it for a video game for the arcade not the console (sorry gaming media) LOL XD

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