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Shaggy January 3, 2008 0

I decided to check up on Specular Interactive (who had signed a deal with Raw Thrills for the development of some new arcade titles) and they had an interesting update today. We still have no idea what it is that they are working on but they have posted a job listing for their development team today that goes as follows:

We’re looking for a talented programmer to join our team and help create what will soon become one of the most highly anticipated arcade games in years. This is a next-gen arcade game that’ll be as much fun to play as it was to develop. If you’re interested and have the chops, visit our jobs page to learn more about the position.

What we don’t know is if this is the same game that was referred to back in November orspec2.png spec1.pngfor a different game all together. Either way, one project or two they are making something big and we can’t wait to find out more. What also piques the curiosity is the artwork one finds on their website(pictured on the left and the right). Is this just filler art or something from the new game(s) they are working on? At least it doesn’t look like a racing game but some sort of futuristic war game which already excites me a great deal. Hopefully we will learn something new about this game soon (@ ATEI perhaps?).

[Specular Interactive Website] [Discuss on the Forum]

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