"Altar of the Unnamed" feature film to include Funspot Arcade

Shaggy January 11, 2008 1

The Funspot Arcade in New Hampshire has made quite a name for itself – it’s the place  to go for several arcade events and is even attracting some filmmakers to the business, such as HHP Films who is recording a part of their full length feature film called “Alter of the Unnamed” at the FunSpot. They have a video on Youtube discussing the whole thing and show off some retro games. It looks like the movie will be out sometime this year but we don’t know much more beyond that. Still it’s cool when arcades get some coverage in the movies (and I have noticed that several newer movies have included arcades in the background somewhere).

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  1. actor/ glenn bartis November 24, 2010 at 8:39 am - Reply

    hi mike, i was in the movie back in 2008 is there anyway i can get a copy of this film thank you glenn lawrence bartis.

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