GlobalVR releases America's Army as a JAMMA kit

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GlobalVR has released a conversion kit for America’s Army that will work in any JAMMA cabinet in response to operator and distributor requests. According to them, more conversion kits are needed to help rejuvenate the coin-op market. I think that is only part of the process of rejuvenating as lower prices all around and some more original content will do just as much to help in that regard but it is true that conversion kits make it easier to get some extra life from an older cabinet. No price was given for the kit, but it will come with the following: the PC, game software and dongle, two guns, I/O board, cabinet artwork and the product installation manual. Hit the post break for the full press release.

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SAN JOSE, Calif – (January 18, 2008) — In response to overwhelming operator demand for “A” title game kits, GLOBAL VR has announced that it is making a conversion kit available that will convert any JAMMA game cabinet to the exciting, new, America’s Army. The “green label” coin-operated, arcade shooter is the result of a unique partnership between the U.S. Army and GLOBAL VR, and offers players the opportunity to become immersed in many authentic Army training exercises.
Introduced at September’s AMOA in Las Vegas, America’s Army won the appreciation of distributors, operators and players alike. The very low purchase price coupled with a highly recognized brand and compelling game play, have made this game a “must have” for all locations. The game is designed for one or two players and has 8 training mini-games, each designed with a dynamic difficulty system making it fun for players of all skill levels. Bonuses are also given to reward players with extra experiences and extra points for jobs well done.

Jim DeRose, GLOBAL VR President and CEO commented, “We’ve been listening to both the distributor and operator communities and have heard “loud and clear” that conversion kits are what is needed to help rejuvenate the coin-op gaming market. We are convinced that the low price and high quality will be attractive to operators who are looking for an alternative to higher priced dedicated games.”

The conversion kit comes complete with PC, game software and dongle, guns, I/O board, cabinet artwork, and product / installation manuals.

For information about other GLOBAL VR products, please visit or contact your local GLOBAL VR distributor or sales representative.

About GLOBAL VR: Founded in 1998 and headquartered in San Jose, California, GLOBAL VR® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coin-operated video games based on home gaming technology. GLOBAL VR is able to leverage the massive investment in development of PC and console games by third party developers by making them suitable for play in out-of-home locations. License agreements are in place with some of the world’s leading game publishers including Electronic Arts, Midway, Ubisoft, and Atari. These agreements provide GLOBAL VR rights to create coin-op versions of popular home games such as EA SPORTS™ PGA TOUR® GOLF, Underground, NASCAR, Blazing Angels, Beach Head and Operation Blockade. GLOBAL VR has recently entered the gaming industry where contracts are in place with Bally Gaming for development of video casino game entertainment. More information on GLOBAL VR can be found at

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