"I Hunger!" – The Sinistar Cake

Shaggy January 22, 2008 3
"I Hunger!" – The Sinistar Cake

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We’ve seen all sorts of video gamed themed cakes out there, especially ones based on well-known mainstream characters like Pac-Man, Mario, Sonic, Master Chief and others but when I saw this Sinistar cake I couldn’t resist. For the uninitiated, Sinistar is the juggernaut villain of the classic arcade game that carries the same name.  Once he comes to life in the game, he begins to send warnings your way such as “Beware, I live”, “I Hunger”, “Run coward!”, and a few other lines. Designed by a co-worker of KLOV forum member artisan2084, this cake is no lie. Now how come none of my co-workers have ever bothered to make such a cool cake?  Bentley Bear or Major Havoc would be cool…


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