Couple of new games in Japan – BlazBlue and Trouble Witches

Shaggy January 26, 2008 0


[Via Arcade Renaissance]

Go ahead and put these under the “We’re not sure if they’ll ever be released outside of Japan” category. OK, you might see it as an import but it seems that most arcades don’t bother with imports these days, probably because parts might be a pain to find. Anyways, BlazBlue is a new fighter based on the Taito Type X2 hardware and while there are some magazine scans of the game out there with some not well-defined pictures, it’s apparent that the game looks nice. And it’s in HD so perhaps it uses the Viewlix cabinet (I can’t remember if Taito uses that or not) but either way it will look better than many arcades on the market due to that alone.

The other game is a horizontal shmup called Trouble Witches by Studio Siesta. The game has seen a release on PCs already but probably due to the huge popularity of shmups in Japan they felt that it would be the perfect game to translate into an arcade title.

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