Arcade Exhibit to run in Arizona later this year

Shaggy February 14, 2008 0

If you live in Arizona (particularly in a city called Chandler) and spent some time playingsi3.jpg classic arcade and home console games of the 70’s and 80’s, then a historian Jean Reynolds is looking for you. Not to chastise you for playing the games but so you can help put together a classic games exhibit that will be on display at the McCullough-Price House from June 14th until early September of this year. If you have a classic game system from the time, they would like you to loan them a system so it can be put in a secure display case (and returned to you afterwards).

“We’re looking for people’s memories about the local arcades where they used to go when they were kids, especially in the 80s,” Reynolds said. “If there are any owners still around and have memorabilia or people who used to work in those arcades who have photos, we want to highlight the local connection.”

It sounds like it should be fun and they already have a line-up of classic arcades ready to go – it would be cool to see if they managed to gather together some real gems from the Golden Age.

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