76 "Mom and Pop" Japanese Game Centers

Shaggy February 27, 2008 1


If you enjoy checking out the many arcades that are out there(or have been in the past), this may be of interest. Oga from Japan pointed us to a site that covers information on up to 76 different “DAGASHI-YA-GE-SEN” or in other words “Mom and Pop style Game Centers”. He mentions that some of these centers are closed although they continue to survive in cities other than Tokyo or Osaka as larger game companies (such as Sega, Namco, Round 1, MATAHARI and more) have their foothold in those two cities. In addition to this the linked site discusses games, cabinets and cranes but as it’s mostly in Japanese you’ll have to rely on a translator program to understand the text.

It’s a great look at the many different styles of an arcade one can find in Japan and if you’re someone looking to create your own arcade elsewhere, perhaps you’ll find a good idea or two.

The information is broken into four different sections, click on the numbers to jump ahead. Again thanks to Oga for the links and info!

[GameHouse GrindCrusher 1(Centers 1-26); page 2(27-52); page 3(53-64) ; page 4(65-76)] [Discuss on the Forum]

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  1. Geo February 27, 2008 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    Wow nice information, because now than before i`m really interested to open an arcade in my country Honduras , and once i have the first arcade working i`ll want to expand all around the cities, nice pictures i have more ideas now…

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