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Signature Devices Inc., the makers of Paradise Lost released a press release yesterday that left me a little confused at first but after carefully reading it again it sounds like they have completed work on a new arcade title that might have been alluded to back in August of last year although they may have moved on from the VORTEK platform as the new press release makes no mention of that. The title of the new press release is: “Signature Devices, Inc. Completes New First Person Arcade Action Game“. Then in typical fashion of a developer announcing an arcade title they talk about the game without mentioning its name (if the publisher has not yet annouced it, they refrain from revealing the name, which is something I’ve seen before as a standard in the arcade development industry).

Signature Devices, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SDVINews) is pleased to announce that the Company’s new turret-based, first person shooter arcade action game has been completed. The fast-paced game takes place on an alien planet and the player is in the role of an advanced scout for an incoming colonization. With multiple futuristic weapons to select from, the player must combat a variety of alien enemies to stop them from destroying the colony before it is too late.

Sounds like a brand new arcade game that is a little like Paradise Lost mixed with Aliens: Extermination is around the corner. The press release doesn’t mention GlobalVR by name, who they’ve published through before but apparently they are already receiving royalty payments for this new game :

The Company has been receiving royalty payments of $100.00 per unit for each Standard or Deluxe cabinet that contains the Game and $50.00 per software upgrade kit for another first person shooter arcade game it developed, Paradise Lost. Signature Devices maintained the rights for the product and plans on publishing the product for PC and distributing the product on its upcoming web 2.0 gaming community.

When I first read this I thought that they might have been talking about a PC only release all along but it sounds like they plan on releasing a PC version of the arcade title sometime soon. Hopefully they are smart enough to give the arcade version enough time to settle into arcades before they do that, otherwise they would undermine themselves.

As we find out more, we’ll be sure to keep you informed!

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