Sega Rally Arcade cancelled already? UPDATE: No it is not

Shaggy April 9, 2008 0

Just a little over a month ago we had received a tip that Sega was testing a new racer in a UK arcade that happened to be Sega Rally, a racer that appeared on the various game consoles. It was a strange occurrence since the game was not shown at ATEI the month before that and there has been no mention of the game since. Now comes word that Sega has closed the doors on it’s UK studio responsible for developing racing games, including Sega Rally. Keep in mind that this is not the closure of Sega Amusements UK – just a studio that has been primarily responsible for console developments. Who knows what will happen with the game at this point – obviously the arcade version had been coming along OK since it was already setup for a test and we have heard that Sega is developing “a technical racer” which was surprising considering that they released RaceTV a short time ago. We will keep an eye on the situation and see if the closure of this studio will mean anything for further coin-op games from Sega.

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