Atari Star Wars on an oscilloscope

Shaggy April 13, 2008 0

It’s been a long weekend for me (working, not playing) so I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to scour for news but I did come across this youtube video of someone running the classic Atari coin-op Star Wars on their oscilloscope. Since oscilloscopes use a vector display it’s possible to recreate the experience fairly well on the tiny screen although you’ll see the retrace lines which aren’t normally in the game and of course its a monochrome display so you miss out on the color from the actual game.

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  1. Brian Deuel April 16, 2008 at 9:15 am - Reply

    You can do this with any vector PCB. I used to do this rather than risk overdrawing a rare, fragile vector monitor and blowing it out. Now where did I put that damn picture…

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