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Shaggy April 22, 2008 0

Raw Thrills’ and Play Mechanix have been working on the latest version of Big Buck Hunter Pro for sometime now and with the game finally hitting the streets one may wonder how the online functions work. Obviously it will make more sense if you find an online -enabled version and try it out but so you know what to expect here are some bullet points on what to expect from the new version how it works:

  • – 20% more content with the addition of Caribou and three more bonus rounds
  • Online Tools that allow the operator to check the machine out online for diagnostic or financial updates
  • Also look for additional content to be downloaded to online machines
  • Promotion with National tournaments and the ability to create your own tournaments quickly and easily. Trophy Club is a player tracking system that also includes Hunting Parties, which is a high score contest between a closed group. Think Fantasy Football meets Big Buck Hunter Pro

From what I was told at ASI, the Trophy Club system allows players to register an e-mail address or cell phone number with the game so that if your score has been beat by someone else, an alert will be sent to you through one of the aforementioned methods so you can head back to the arcade and try and take back your score. You can create an account at As an operator I really like that idea as it’s a reminder for people to come back to my location and it creates a fun, competitive feeling around BBHPro. As I mentioned in my ASI coverage, Big Buck Safari is currently offline, but expect an online variation of BBS to come along later, perhaps the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

UPDATE: Funny thing happened today, I stopped by my local distributor and they had a BBHPro Online there so I decided to record a little bit of the cabinet. I couldn’t show the game really because it takes two hands to play. I did record it in HD but WordPress converts the videos into a low rez video so this will have to do.

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