Video location review – The Hollywood Connection, West Valley City, UT

Shaggy April 24, 2008 0

So I finally got tired of my crappy DXG digital camera and decided to shell out a little bit of business cash for an HD camcorder. It’s working great so far and is much better than that other piece of hud I had as a camera. But the bad thing is that I’m not sure where I can host an actual HD file of it right now – if I upload it to the site here, wordpress converts it into a low rez flash video; youtube does the same (although I recently found some videos on Youtube that allowed you to switch to HD resolution but they must be paying them or something because I don’t get that option when I upload a video). It looks much better in HD so if anyone can help me out on this, I’d appreciate it.

Anyways, here is a video of my old arcade stomping grounds, The Hollywood Connection. I worked there for about a year and half and it was a lot of fun and for most of that time I was part of the management team. While I was only a sub-assistant manager of sorts, there were many days where I ended up being the only manager there and I ran the whole thing by myself for the whole day, which helped prepare me for my own arcade. They have changed the game selection a little bit since I worked there but there are several games that are still around. They don’t have many brand new titles though, they stick to games that are a few years old but still earn well.

HD Version!

Oh and the reason why there aren’t many people there is I went there on a Monday right as they were opening.

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