Seen on eBay – Star Trek Arcade's Bridge Chair

Shaggy April 25, 2008 0

A long time ago on Arcade Heroes we had weekly updates on interesting arcade-related stuff on eBay but we obviously haven’t been keeping up on that very well. But I just had to mention this – being both a fan of arcades and Star Trek, it was too good to pass up. I grew up watching Star Trek: TNG and honestly I like every single series (even Enterprise). To be honest Star Trek generally doesn’t bode too well when it comes to video games although the few arcade titles to be based on the original series were excellent, especially the vector Star Trek game by Sega. In addition to some upright ST cabinets, Sega also produced a few cockpit versions of the game which used this awesome bridge chair and it so happens that someone on eBay is selling just that – the chair with no game attached. If you need a bridge chair, this one costs much less than the Enterprise-E bridge chair that sold for roughly $52,000 a while back at that big auction in New York. Personally I’d rather get this with the arcade game too, but it’s still cool by itself.

[eBay – Star Trek Sega Arcade Game Prop – Large Bridge Chair] [Discuss on the Forum]

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