The NYT takes a look at Stern Pinball

Shaggy April 27, 2008 0

(Image credit: Sally Ryan, NYT)

The New York Times has written an article looking at the last pinball factory in the world: Stern. It’s a great article that looks at the current state of the pinball industry and it’s place among arcades and in homes; it looks at Gary Stern and his style of running the business (I didn’t know that he made the employees play pinball for a certain amount of time each day which I think is a great idea) and it discusses the history of pinball (which if you ever want extra details I’d suggest checking out the documentary Tilt which I reviewed some months ago). I also thought that it was interesting to hear about Stern’s efforts to expand their operations internationally, including going into the Middle East (which is seeing a coin-op boom, especially in Dubai), China, India and Russia. Either way, while pinball has its challenges, especially with younger players, the game is here to stay.

I am curious to know what people are thinking about the new digital pinball machines that are coming out, like the Sponge Bob Squarepants Pinball which is obviously made to attract kids and is made by someone other than Stern.

[NYT – For a Pinball Survivor the Game Isn’t Over] [Discuss on the Forum]

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  1. Paul April 28, 2008 at 4:51 pm - Reply

    We’re fortunate that Stern is still around, putting out those great pinball machines. Better that there’s only one major manufacturer left than none at all. They may not be a billion-dollar business but they still chug along just fine. Having a monopoly helps!

    We love you, Stern.

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