Crane games and lobsters

Shaggy May 9, 2008 1

When it comes to bizarre games, Japan never fails to impress and in fact I found out about this crazy crane game at This certainly classifies as weird (I’m sure not many people are smacking their heads saying “Well why didn’t I think of that!”) where the goal is just like that of any other crane game – use a claw which is generally a bit loose to grab a “prize” but the twist is the prize is a live lobster submerged under the water. It’s called Sub Marine Catcher and  there is even a video on youtube showing someone actually managing to win at the game. It just makes you wonder what on earth will they think of next (Stacker: Lobster Edition maybe)?

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  1. editor May 11, 2008 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    Shaggy, your right about weird Japanese games – but if you looked at ASI there was a lobster catcher on the show floor. I hate the use of life as a game, and so did not give the system (which is US built) any more credence.

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