Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball featured on American Idol

Shaggy May 17, 2008 0

You don’t see pinball very often in popular media these days so when it does show up, it catches you off guard, especially if it’s one of Stern’s newer pins. So when American Idol contestant Jason Castro was shown standing next to a Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine while being interviewed, you can bet that the great people at Stern were excited to see their product getting some attention. They were so excited that they even shot off this press release talking about the appearance of the pin on the popular show. From the sounds of it, they were caught off guard by this as well and I assume that nobody caught the moment on TiVO and captured a screengrab to put on the internet as I can’t find a picture of the scene anywhere, so here’s a lame photoshopped version instead. Speaking of American Idol, one of the final 2 contestants is from my home state of Utah, that of course being David Archuleta. It should be interesting to see if he wins it, everyone here seems to be crazy about him already. Anyways, the brief press release is after the jump.




May 14, 2008-American Idol contestant Jason Castro was interviewed on the May 7th show while leaning against Stern Pinball’s DISNEY’S PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN pinball machine. Both the backglass and playfield of the DISNEY’S PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN pinball were clearly seen as Jason spoke about the song he was about to perform.

Gary Stern says, “American Idol is the biggest show on television and we appreciate the recognition that they offer pinball by featuring it on their show.”

Fox Television’s American Idol is the most popular televised singing competition in the history of television. It was started in Britain as Pop Idol and soon came to America in 2002 as American Idol. The program seeks to discover the best young singer in the country through a series of nationwide auditions. The outcomes of the later stages of this competition are determined by public voting by phone. The format features three judges who give critiques of the contestants’ performances in order to help the voting along.

To learn more about American Idol, visit www.americanidol.com. To learn more about DISNEY’S PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN pinball machine, visit www.sternpinball.com.

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