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Shaggy May 24, 2008 1

I logged onto youtube tonight and I checked my subscriptions and to my surprise a video of the upcoming Need For Speed Carbon Arcade was on there, by Birmingham Vending. They have been posting a number of arcade videos to youtube recently (including one for Desert Gunner that I hadn’t seen before) and just a few hours ago posted one about the NFS: Carbon game that we had reported about some time ago. Like fighters this is also the year of the racer, as it seems that every company will have a couple in store for us as the year goes on. One interesting piece of news is that GlobalVR will be releasing NFS: Carbon only as a kit that can go into any Need For Speed cabinet (GlobalVR has released a few already, including Underground). Also of interest is the mention of a card system for the game, they say it is recommended but not required. Card systems are very scarce on US made games but it looks like GVR is taking a note from games that do use these systems. Here is the video, it looks like it won’t be too much longer before this game will be hitting the streets.

Also I just checked GVR’s website to see if there is any mention of the game and it looks like they have updated the site with screens and the information that BHM used in the description of the video. It’s interesting to see that this is solely an upgrade kit, I hadn’t expected that but it is a nice surprise. Now I wonder if I can find any NFS cabinets for cheap…

More pics at GlobalVR’s website. I haven’t played the console version of the game before so someone else will have to tell me about how it plays. I do hope that the next game to come from GVR won’t be based on a console game though, of course the strategy has paid off for them so far (heck, even I’m getting Blazing Angels Arcade) but it would be nice to see some more original content coming along that can’t be found on a console (of course the same goes for a few other companies but that doesn’t mean that I’m not against these new games).

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  1. Molloy May 24, 2008 at 12:38 pm - Reply

    I’ve played it briefly. It’s very.. grey. That video is a pretty good representation of what you’re getting. Every track is set at night, and most of the tracks are entirely featureless.

    The games very popular among people I know who have badly modified cars. I’m not sure that the gameplays really the hook that draws people into this, more the concept. I think the games pish but my flatmates last year completed every single thing in Underground 1, 2 and Carbon and still weren’t tired of it.

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