My first impressions on Oriental Legend 2

Shaggy June 18, 2008 1

I have to keep this fairly brief as I don’t have a lot of time but Oriental Legend 2 by IGS arrived the other day and I had a chance to set it up and play it yesterday. I’ve been intrigued by this one for a while as I like beat ’em ups/scrolling fighters and this one looked pretty good from the stuff I saw about it. After playing it for a little bit I have to say that I like it so far and even though there is some Chinese text throughout the game it’s still playable (although I don’t know what items are or what they do exactly until I use them). When you first start it up there are three options to choose from and it seems that the first two are for an adventure mode and the third one seems to be a one-on-one match tournament although I need to play it again to be absolutely sure. I haven’t set it up for the card readers yet so I can’t comment on that right now.

I like the combat because it has the complexity of a fighter with special moves you can pull off by certain button presses and joystick movements. There are also a lot of different enemies and the animation is excellent. I do wish that there was an English version so I knew what was going on in the story though.

I will try to post more later and grab some screen shots as I didn’t have time to do that yesterday since I had a lot to do (I got Carnevil working finally).

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