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Shaggy June 19, 2008 0

One thing that some arcades seem to have trouble with is getting the word out about their business. This is something that any small business can have trouble with as it takes money to advertise and generally it takes more expensive avenues to get the word out most efficiently but with the age of the internet it’s about knowing where to go and what to do. I was interviewed the other day by Gavin Sheehan, he works for a local TV station (KUTV2) and writes for a community blog on their website which reaches many people locally thus providing a different kind of ‘word of mouth’ advertising. On top of that Gavin is looking into arranging for some interview segments to be done on KUTV’s morning show within the next week or so helping me get some additional visibility. We have a couple of stations here locally that have a person with an outgoing personality visit events and businesses to showcase them during the morning shows and I once did see a local arcade use this avenue to promote themselves which is smart thinking. And BTW, that is me in the picture up there. I need to get my hair cut but moving on…

I do have more plans for spreading the word as you can’t solely rely on word of mouth advertising although I have seen some arcades do just that. For those of you who read AH and own an arcade, what do you do to market your business to get people to come out and play?

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