Raw Thrills Releases New Advertising Kits For Their Current Arcade Line-Up

arcadehero May 31, 2022 0
Raw Thrills Releases New Advertising Kits For Their Current Arcade Line-Up

It’s been a little while since we’ve had some news out of Raw Thrills and while today’s bit isn’t anything about their next game, it still should be useful for operators who have an existing RT piece to help promote it.

Arcades are unusual in gaming in that they pretty much just advertise themselves by virtue of occupying a particular space; They’re hybrid physical/digital sculptures of entertainment. While in the early days of the industry, not much attention was given to the cabinet itself, by the mid-70s it became commonplace to decorate the bezels and sides with artwork, culminating in some fantastic looking cabinets in the early 80s. These days, pretty much every machine is covered in art and lights to draw attention to itself. But given the digital world we already live in, it’s always helpful to have a little bit more in hand to promote your games on social media and elsewhere.

Which manufacturers provide art assets to their games is a bit hit-and-miss. LAI Games did so with an Outnumbered media kit, then it’s kind of random for what printed media happens to be included with games, exA-Arcadia being one exception to that by including posters with every release.

Either way, Raw Thrills & Betson have now joined the online marketing fray by creating 8 different Advertising Kits that operators can use to highlight games online and at their stores.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Banner

In looking at the PDFs, just note that there are some restrictions with them, one of which being that you’re not to manipulate the images in any way. But outside that, if you own any of these games, here are the links to help you promote:

Now there are some titles missing here, at least from those that are listed on their present games page, such as Jurassic Park and Cruis’n Blast. I’ll update this spot if there’s some info on whether or not kits will be coming for those (or if the games might be out-of-production. TMNT is one of those on the latter).

What do you think about these kits?

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