Coin-Op TV looks at a new uWink opening in Hollywood

Shaggy July 4, 2008 0

It’s always interesting to take a look at what the founder of the video arcade industry, Nolan Bushnell is up to these days and if you have followed his latest efforts in recent years then you probably know that he has been working on a new chain of restaurants called uWink. I believe that until the new one in Hollywood opened that there was only one in existence but it appears that it has been enough of a success to warrant a second store. Coin-OP TV was there to check it out and interviewed not only Nolan but his son Brent who is the Chief Tech Officer of the company. I would like to check it out one day and maybe he’ll bring it to Utah one day as it was where he was born (and it’s where I live but then again I have no idea if he has any connections here anymore). It may not be coin-op arcades that they use as the game but it’s certainly in the same vein when it comes to out-of-home entertainment and as Nolan points out, the game industry needs more innovation and the industry he helped put together isn’t void of that observation. On one last note, Nolan is asked about his thoughts on Leonardo DiCaprio playing him in the new movie Atari.

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