"The Future of the Arcade" article @ TechRadar

Shaggy August 10, 2008 0

Our friend Kevin Williams of the Stinger Report has given an interview to a website called TechRadar in anticipation of his upcoming seminar at the Edinburgh Interactive 2008 show. In the article Kevin discusses current trends in the arcade industry including how they are stacking up against consoles in terms of graphics and power as well as the continuing trend of players to look for ‘casual’ games where they don’t need to dedicate hours and hours to a game in favor of a short burst of fun. Overall it covers why arcades are not down for the count, which is a theme that we hit on often here because I think it is necessary to do so until people in general start believing in the viability of arcades instead of passing them off as dead.

[The Future of the Arcade at TechRadar] [Discuss on the Forum]

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