An evening at EVO 2008 Championship Series

Shaggy August 11, 2008 0

The EVO 2008 Championship Series has come and gone, being held in Las Vegas from the 8th-10th and one of our readers, Chris Ainsworth has kindly sent us a link to his page where he documented his evening at the fighting tourney.

Capcom made quite a display of fighters, providing ten Viewlix cabinets for the event. Eight cabinets featured Street fighter IV while two others featured the latest build for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Looking at the pictures you’ll notice how most, if not all of the cabinets are two player cabinets yet they are all linked, even on Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. Just to veer off the subject for a moment, I really hope that this is not some new trend they are trying to set – while giving each player their own cabinet has it’s advantages, it also has the disadvantage of costing much more for the operator and taking up more space. I do find it strange that they would go to the trouble of making these 2p cabs if there is no intention of using them in that manner so hopefully it is just an option to link them. I don’t buy for a second that the hardware is incapable of handing two people on the same cabinet, the extra processing involved is minimal in adding a second player especially for this type of game and even if this were true it shouldn’t be difficult to upgrade the hardware as it’s just a custom PC.

Anyways, back to EVO 2008. Who says that fighters are dead? The event here certainly looks like it was a success. They also had Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix running on an Xbox 360 in a kiosk and Blazblue was at the show for at least one day. They also had a number of consoles there but the main focus was on the arcades. From Chris’s description, it sounds like he enjoyed Tatsunoko vs Capcom the most, even though it’s currently in an unfinished state. If Capcom does manage to take care of the licensing then who knows, this could be the next Marvel Vs. Capcom.

In addition to the pics Chris provided, he also took some video, embedded below. Enjoy!

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