Need For Speed Carbon going dedicated

Shaggy August 20, 2008 0

Not too long ago, GlobalVr released a new drift racing arcade game called Need for Speed Carbon, which is based upon the console game of the same name. It was first sold only as a kit but now GVR is rolling out a dedicated version of the game and we have pictures of the cabinets. It will come in two cabinet flavors, standard and deluxe and as you will notice, the standard cabinet looks much like the design they used for NASCAR Racing but with a different (brighter) color scheme; the deluxe is also similar to the NASCAR Dlx cabinet but instead of a rollbar it has a spoiler on the back (click on the image above to enlarge).

I still haven’t had a chance to try this out yet but I imagine that it will be at AMOA, stay tuned for more.

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