New Space Invaders pillow to invade your sleep

Shaggy August 23, 2008 3

If there’s any wonder as to why Taito isn’t happy about their trademarked characters being used in unauthorized exhibits, it’s probably because they are currently in full swing with an advertising campaign that uses these characters to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game. And now that includes pillows!

The pillows are black with white characters to contrast, just like the original game. I honestly don’t remember how much I paid for my last pillow so I don’t know if $30 is a good deal or not in the world of pillows but for something ‘official’ like this it doesn’t seem too bad – if it’s comfortable. Otherwise it might make a nice couch pillow for a game room (if you have a couch there).

[Taito’s Official Space Invaders Pillows] [Discuss on the Forum]

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