Man assaulted over high score on arcade game

Shaggy August 28, 2008 2

Sometimes people need to learn how to chill out, as is the case with this story out of Lancashire, UK. Here’s the story from This Is Lancashire:

TWO thugs brutally attacked a young man in a nightclub — because he beat their arcade game score.

Gareth Fitzsimmons had been using a games machine on which players pay £1 to thump a punch bag three times.

But when he beat the score set by two men nearby they set on him.

Mr Fitzsimmons, aged 22, from Great Lever, suffered a shattered jaw after being repeatedly kicked in the head.

That game would be Dragon Punch, or one of it’s clones, a game where you pull a punching bag down and hit it as hard as you can. The harder the hit, the higher the score. It’s a game that earns ridiculously well and it can be found in many locations all over the world but unfortunately I’m sure that anti-gaming heads will use this one example of a violent act occuring with a video game involved while ignoring the fact that these kind of games are played hundreds of times every day without such incidents following them up. Victim picture on the right

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  1. RJAY63 August 29, 2008 at 5:57 pm - Reply

    Full Story:

    It seems the incident took place in a nightclub so I’m sure alcohol was involved. A few idiots will start a fight over anything once they’ve had a few. 🙁

  2. Paul September 5, 2008 at 8:34 am - Reply


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