Namco shows off a new motorcycle game – Nirin

Shaggy September 8, 2008 1

Well over a year ago we revealed that Namco was working on a new motorcycle racing game that looked to be targetted towards Western audiences but was being tested in Japan. Time passed and it looked like the game didn’t do too well and was scrapped but the idea wasn’t thrown away, as Namco is now testing another motorcycle game in Japan called Nirin. This certainly looks like it’s taking aim at F&F SuperBikes but with more of a street racing theme that is popular right now.

We’ll have more information on Nirin as we get it – I do wonder what’s under the hood in terms of hardware because it has been a while since we first found out that they were doing some games using modified Wii hardware and I was expecting to hear something new about that soon .

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  1. scarface April 25, 2010 at 10:47 pm - Reply

    I don’t understand why nobodys has come out with a street bike racing game yet for your x-box 360 or playstation3 but who ever does will blow up like modern warfare2

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