More stuff from the 46th AM show: Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, BlazBlue, Gundam NEXT, HOTD Ex & more

Shaggy September 20, 2008 2

There is more to talk about with the upcoming AM show in Japan as there are many Japanese game sites out there gathering information and photos on the many games to see at the show.   Naturally one can expect more titles we’ve mentioned in the past such as Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, BlazBlue (which comes to the US on Nov. 18th; I still have not been able to find out if it’s coming to Europe or not), Mobile Suit Gundam NEXT, House of the Dead EX and Demon Bride, a new fighter by Examu (makers of Arcana Heart 2). Taito is proudly showing off their Vewlix cabinet at the show, coupled with the fact that many games there are using the design. I also like how the color schemes change from game to game, Blazblue has a blue cab, Tatsunoko uses red, etc.

House of the Dead EX is being shown off but I haven’t found any direct screens yet or a better idea of how the game plays. I’ll have to look around later when I find the time.

Examu will also be showing off their Exboard in more detail, it runs Demon Bride and Arcana Heart 2 and others and it can also be used a console of sorts since it hooks up to a TV. It looks like they are aiming to make this the next NeoGeo MVS, but with far smaller carts. The Japhei Game Blog has more on that, along with a lot of other info they’ve gathered from various sites around the net about games at the show.

Like always AM Net has taken a lot of pictures and put it up to their site, just about every booth is packed with people so it’s hard to see the games but it goes to show how there is plenty of interest in arcades, even in Japan where we’ve been hearing from certain sources that arcades are struggling so hard against the waggle machine known as the Wii. Anyways, in addition to pictures of booths they also have some snapshots of various fliers, including Vulcan Wars. They also reveal that Rambo, Virtua Fighter 5R and Sega Rally 3 will be there.

Here’s a closer look at the Harley Davidson cabinets. Pretty nice looking if you ask me and at least there will be a standard version for those on a tighter budget.

Namco is showing the update to MaxiTune 3 in full force. I was surprised that this wasn’t at AMOA since they had MT3 at ASI.One thing that I haven’t seen so far is any indication of that Wii based hardware Namco talked about a while back, I’m wondering if they have just decided to stick with their PS3 based stuff instead.

In case you ever wanted to see what one of those Namco PODS looked like on the inside then they also have that on display. I want one of these – if I only had the money. 🙂

For many more pics check out AM-Net’s picture album and the Japhei Blog.

UPDATE: I also came across some of the show coverage at Game Watch (thanks to Kotaku for the link on that) they have some direct screenshots of Harley Davidson and Hummer Extreme. Harley Davidson looks really good, I just wonder if that pixel shading stuff around the edges is going to be there most of the time or not. I wonder when Sega is going to supplant Lindbergh with Europa though. Here’s a teaser or two along with a 3D CG version of the new Elevator Action cabinet. According to Game Watch, the Elevator Action game also has up and down buttons for the elevator and will be coming to Japan at least next summer. Here’s hoping for a US release


  1. Casey September 20, 2008 at 2:42 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the mention. I will continue to try to inform the masses on Arcade and Japanese gaming news. Big month coming up with TGS going on around my birthday.

  2. Paul September 20, 2008 at 6:12 pm - Reply

    Oy vey that Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom looks good. I wish you guys would post some video clips of it. I’ve seen some on Youtube and they look amazing, especially the little guy vs. giant fights.

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