Someone had a bad uWink experience (eegads!)

Shaggy November 15, 2008 0

One of those things you have to deal with as a business operator is that many individuals may come and go to your place of business and haheader_bgve a pleasant experience but if one person has a bad experience, it can “hit the fan” in a manner of speaking, and when it hits the internet fan then it’s all over the place. Now it’s here too but I’m not quick to assume that because this blogger had a bad experience that everyone has as I have heard of many people having good experiences at the business in question, uWink (which is the new business created by the grandfather of coin-op video, Nolan Bushnell). I’m not calling this blogger a liar, obviously things did not work out like they should have and I woudn’t be surprised if Mr. Bushnell and his staff is looking into the problems the blogger had since I’ve seen this article show up on several gaming blogs already. But I have gone to places where it might have been good at one time and the next it wasn’t and I’m not going to go around saying “never go there again” unless it was a serious enough of a situation. The system crashing (which obviously had something to do with why their server never showed up) is probably not something I would use to say that as these things will happen with anything controlled by computers – unless of course it is a pervasive problem for customers that is not resolved quickly. Seeing how they now have two uWinks means that things worked out properly for enough people to warrant the expansion of their business and naturally they have to stay on top of problems to keep going. We’ll see how it pans out.

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