Interview with Konami about GTI Club+

Shaggy November 28, 2008 0

Konami is updating the original GTI Club for the Playstation 3 (the full name is GTI Club+ Rally Cote D’Azur) and releasing it over PSN as an exclusive title for the platform. It will play like the arcade original but with gticlubbetter graphics and a few other updates. In an interview with Philip Macdonald, producer of the game, they discuss the upcoming title in detail and surprisingly the new arcade version is mentioned. While they will not be the same games, it looks like they may offer tracks from the new arcade racer (see details on that one here and here) as downloads for the remake on PSN as well. Hit the link below for the interview, unfortunately there is not much else on the new arcade version of GTI Club(perhaps we’ll hear more at ATEI) but at least the interviewer knows about its existence.

[Kikizo: GTI Club+ Konami Interview] [Discuss on the Forum]

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