Konami Testing sequel to GTI Club in Japan

Shaggy March 24, 2008 0

My sister loves Mini’s (not M&M’s but the cars) so much that she bought agti-01l.jpg brand new one last year. It’s a cool car but personally I would hate to be stuck with those payments so I’ll go for the next best thing – an arcade racer based on Mini’s! Of course with the price tag the arcade will probably cost about half of what a real Mini does but that mostly matters to the operator so players will be able to get some virtual ‘Mini’ action for cheap, if Konami brings their new racer GTI Club to arcades overseas. We don’t have any direct screenshots of the game yet but Kobayan.jp has a picture of the poster being used at the location test and you can see a really small picture of the cabinet in the lower right hand corner. For info on the original GTI Club, check out the entry for the game on KLOV.com.

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  1. editor March 24, 2008 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    GTi Club Supermini Festival
    The game includes a football game, a tag (bomb) game and a mad rush game – set in France and UK – sounds like fun, and with four cabinet network and e-AMUSEMENT PASS. Expect a test machine in the UK for August.

  2. Shaggy March 24, 2008 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    Awesome, I guess we will see this then. I like the sounds of those other modes, that can certainly help keep it interesting. And since Konami is now doing their e-Amusement system in the States I bet we’ll get to see it too.

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