Another location test report on DJ Max Technika + news on an iPhone version of the game

Shaggy December 9, 2008 0


Say what you will about DJ Max Technika, it certainly is generating a bit of excitement among players. This of course is why I think that there is great value in high-profile location tests as it gets people talking about the game. But I have already talked about that so onto the latest location test report for DMT. We had a report from one of our readers the other day and this one comes from Jared Rea  who is writing for The Escapist Magazine. It should be interesting to see how many more mainstream news gaming sites pick up on this game – it certainly will be more with the news that is revealed in Jared’s location test report – that PM Studios is also looking into making an iPhone version of the game. Hit the link below for the full report which includes more details on how the game plays along with some more on it’s music selection.

[The Escapist – DJ Max technika location report] [Discuss on the Forum]

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