The Annual Arcade Heroes Game of The Year Poll

Shaggy December 31, 2008 0

Last year we did our ‘1st annual GOTY’ poll and we almost forgot it but by throwing it up now, we’ll be in before the lock as they say. The idea is simple – vote for what you think should be the Game of The Year. While there is plenty of competition to go around thanks to SFIV, you never know if there will be an upset. Please keep in mind, that this is to cover Europe and the US only, we could do a separate one for Asia if anyone wants one.

BTW- If we have forgot a particular game, we definently apologize – we have tried to make sure that all arcade games released in 2008 are on here. If we did happen to overlook something though, put it in the comments and we’ll count that or try to fix the poll. We also will do a separate poll for pins. We’ll go for about a week on this, we should have a good idea of what the winner will be by then (if not before).


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