Arc System Works interview (with talk about BlazBlue, Battle Fantasia, Guilty Gear, SFIV and more)

Shaggy January 14, 2009 1


In case you are a junkie for 2D fighters then Gamasutra has got the interview for you. They sat down and talked with four guys at Arc System Works in Japan, Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guilty Gear creator, chief designer for ASW), Emiko Iwasaki (Battle Fantasia director), Junya Motomura (graphics designer at ASW) and Toshimichi Mori (BlazBlue director). In the interview they discuss blazblue1the challenge of  creating 2D art in HD, some differences in the way BlazBlue was designed over KOF XII, the physical associations people can get out of playing a fighter at the arcade, arcade and console ports and more. It’s a great interview that I think any fighting fan will find interesting, but enough of me talking about it, to read the full thing, hit the link below.

[Dodging, Striking and Winning – Arc System Works Interview – Gamasutra] [Discuss on the Forum]

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